“Bright Angels at Heart is a very cool organization. I am able to come here and have fun while I am learning. This program has helped me to be nicer and to not be as shy around new people. Also,  now know how to express my feelings I am mad angry or even sad. Bright Angels at Heart is awesome and I will never leave the program!!”

-Charizma G., 11 years old

“I think that this a great program. It helps kids learn their alphabet and for older kids to learn how to manage anger and anything else that they want to know. It is just like school but it is way more fun! I have been here for two years and I keep coming back.”

-Christina G., 12 years old

“What I’ve got out of this program is more self confidence. Not being afraid of what other people think of me. I’ve learned in life you have to communicate with people whether its what you want to hear or not…I’ve learned self empowerment always motivating myself to do positive things…Managing  my attitude. I’ve learned more self worth…I’ve learned how to identify triggers that set me off and go descaled…I need to surrender myself with only positive people who want something out of life…I will use all of Bright Angels life tools and use them in my everyday life.”

-Sharise Vigil., 17 years old

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