About Our Founder


Tangia Little, a mother first, who raised 8 children and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Her eldest daughter had experienced some cognitive development delays and was processing at an age appropriate level. Subsequently, she was diagnosed with Mild Intellectual Disability, and later Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In addition, to her daughters mental illness, Ms. Little had various other challenges. Unfortunately, Ms. Little had to marry at a young age and was later in an abusive relationship for 13 years while she raising four children despite her turmoil.

During this time, for five years she was a cheer-leading coach and worked very hard to keep her children actively in sports. She had the privilege of completing her schooling and got started as an office assistant. Despite what statistics proved, she moved forward to work for a facility serving under privileged boys for three years. During this time she developed her passion for helping youth, and succeeded greatly.

In 2004, she became a single mother, although, not easy, Ms. Little was proudly able to to maintain a healthy and productive household.

Years after receiving the unfortunate diagnoses of her eldest daughter, Ms. Little decided to be true to her heart and spirit, which led her to establish a 501 (c)(3) that would fulfill her dreams of giving back to the community. It would provide individuals and youth who were less fortune access to various resources and supportive services.

Currently, Ms. Little is a proud business owner of her Hair Salon, Clothing Store and now founder of the non-profit organization “Bright Angels at Heart”.

Ms. Little says, “Without God in my life, none of this would be possible”. Her goal is to help young individuals and their families progressively achieve their goal as she continues to care for the needs of her own autistic child, the leading  inspiration while creating her vision of Bright Angels at Heart.

Ms. Tangia Little continues to support her family while pursing her dreams of helping the children in her community pursue their hearts desires.

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